FBS review and other brokers . We are one of the largest producers of free range geese in the UK.
Our geese are bred from our own breeding flock.
They are hatched, reared and processed on our farm over-looking the Wye Valley.



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Madgett's Farm Free Range Geese


These are our favourite birds, but geese do take a considerable amount of raising.

We raise a free range goose, on our grassy fields overlooking the wye valley, the birds arrive as day old in two batches, the geese are ready for Michealmas and then Christmas.

They enjoy heated barns for the first couple of weeks, until they are feathered up and strong enough for the outside elements. Then they shout their call to tell us they want to roam the grassy fields, from morning till dusk.

The birds are fed a natural diet, grown slowly to full maturity, creating fat marbling through out the meat, producing a concentrated flavour, for you to enjoy.

The best way to remove the feathers, is through a dry plucked and waxed system, this allows the skin to stay dry for excellent keeping quality, which allows the skin to crisp up lovely when cooked.

The geese are presented in individual boxes and contains a cooking leaflet.

We specialise in producing Free Range Geese.
Reared and processed on our farm, over looking the Wye Valley.


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